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Rongga, ICAD 2022 (Indonesia Contemporary Art & Design)

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RONGGA: Welcome to Human’s First Home

This ambitious project is the next level from what we have achieved before. Collaborated with more than 10 material and product designers from all over Indonesia in responding to GrandKemang hotel room and seeing it through the complex layers of history, psychology, technology, to the business.

RONGGA is part of ICAD #12 “Fragmenting Yesterday, Reshaping Tomorrow” 19 October – 27 November 2022.

RONGGA involved interdisciplinary designers to collaborate in its realization:

Material & Product Designers:
BYO Living (@byoliving)
Conture Concrete Lab (@contureconcretelab)
Daur Goods (@daur.goods)
Home of Humans (
Keebon (
Mortier (
Mycotech (
Pable (
Plana (@plasticfornature)
ROA Atelier (@roa.atelier)
Robries (@robriesgallery)
Santai Furniture (@santaifurniture)
Studio Dapur (@studio.dapur)