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Lekat x Pable on Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2024

Plaza Indonesia held another Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week (PIFW) event after a 4-year hiatus. This event brings together the diversity of styles, cultural beauty, and fashion innovation. With the theme “Bigger, Better, & Bolder”, PIFW 2024 is a place where fashion enthusiasts, industry players, and style lovers gather to celebrate the splendor of the ever-evolving fashion world. 

Held from March 2 to March 8, 2024 at The Warehouse Plaza Indonesia Level 5, PIFW 2024 featured 31 shows with 75 well-known brands and designers, 756 models, and 1044 looks. Among the 75 brands and designers, Pable Indonesia has the opportunity to work with designer Amanda Indah Lestari, owner of the brand Lekat. 

Lekat itself is a local Indonesian brand that specializes in eco-ethical fashion. Therefore, in Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2024, Lekat collaborated with Pable Indonesia. Pable Indonesia provided support by providing fabric materials that will be the base material of the clothes that Amanda will display at Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2024. 

To make the clothes for the exhibition, Lekat used a total of 150 meters of recycled fabric from Pable Indonesia. These recycled fabrics include Sekir, Suri and HBone. Sekir is a recycled woven fabric made from 100% recycled cotton and recycled polyester. While Suri is a sustainable fabric made from blending textile waste. 

From these recycled fabrics, Amanda made approximately 26 looks of recycled clothes consisting of tops, bottoms and dresses. The 26 looks were presented by various famous Indonesian models. Among them were two well-known Indonesian artists, Dwi Sasono and Widi Mulia, who had the opportunity to become models who modeled the recycled clothes. 

All recycled fabrics from Pable Indonesia do not use dyes but are recycled according to the color of the existing textile waste so that they will not harm the environment. In addition, Pable Indonesia’s recycled fabrics are woven by weavers in the empowerment village, helping the village’s economy. 

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