Pable Indonesia

Made to be Made Again

Be part of responsible action by recycling waste.

    Offcuts Waste

    Any offcuts or pre-consume waste can be responsibly processed to produce recycled fabrics.

    Dropbox Program

    Dropbox is Pable’s way of helping to sort, process and maximize it into renewable materials in the form of fiber or pabtex.

    Sourcing waste treatment is not easy, we have to deal with any potential residues that arise and think about how we account for the contributors. For this reason, we only do the dropbox program at a certain time, in order to ensure that every piece of clothing and residue can be processed properly.

    We receive all materials, except spandex, leather and nylon

    • Clothing
    • Skirt
    • Underwear (panties, bra, boxer)
    • Pants
    • Homewear
    • Denim
    • Tie
    • Napkins