Pable Indonesia

Made to be Made Again

Weaving The Future

When we declare Pable as Sustainable Solution  , we don’t say it with no grounds. In contrast, it’s based on the closed-loop model that we include in our system.

A closed-loop  model is an approach of the logistic process under the Circular Economy concept. It adopts a circular system where Waste can turn into Resources . Thus, waste becomes the raw material, the most valuable object of any production.

Through Made to be Made Again, Pable breathes the model into life. It is a circular system where we process textile waste into new products. So by doing that, Pable is reducing the amount of textile waste  while at the same time also prolonging the life cycle of the unused products by recycling it.

Moreover, it gives us the opportunity to re-tell the Classic Tale  of Waste from a positive perspective.


It’s what we believe in as Sustainable  Solution!


Aryenda Atma

Starting from seeing a pile of textile waste with a height of more than 5 meters with an estimated volume of more than 500 tons which is not clear where it will end, Aryenda Atma decided to resign from the corporate world and return to her hometown, Surabaya.

Tri Hita Karana, a beautiful philosophy of Balinese society about how a human being has a role to maintain harmony between human beings, nature and creators. It is through that philosophy that Pable is here to carry out its task of maintaining a balance between waste, community and planet.

Awarded as Women of The Year 2022 from Her World Magazine, Atma is even more confident to make a long-term contribution to better sustainable impact.