Pable Indonesia

Made to be Made Again


Pable has been growing a lot since 2020, Pable focuses on transforming what was impossible to do. Creating renewable material from textile waste. We focused on doing the circular economy, doing things transparently for a better environment, bringing on the social and governance impact. It is always a blessing to receive such a great award, The Best Impact Enterpreneur Award in the Impact Investment Sector by Sri – Kehati. 

The award is given to companies that meet the best Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in their respective industrial sectors. Aryenda Atma, the CEO and Founder of Pable Indonesia, held the trophy with such gladness. Seeing how a small start-up company, started with less than 10 people being recognized for the small impact that we do. We do hope by receiving this award, we can continue to grow and make a better impact, doing greater good all for a better society and better earth.