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BCA Daur Harapan | Uniform Disposal Program (Pabmove)


Bank Central Asia (BCA) is one of the largest banks in Indonesia with over 1,200 branches and 17,000 ATMs spread throughout the country. With such a large workforce, it’s no surprise that BCA generates a lot of waste, including used employee uniforms.

To address this issue, BCA has launched an initiative program with Pable called BCA Daur Harapan. The program aims to reduce waste and promote sustainability by recycling the uniform. At least 2,312 uniforms have been successfully recycled into renewable fabrics and use only 24 ml of water or the equivalent of 2 sips of drinking water.

BCA Daur Harapan is a great example of how companies can take steps toward sustainability and reduce their environmental impact. By recycling used uniforms, BCA is not only reducing its waste but also promoting a circular economy where waste is turned into a valuable resource.