Pable Indonesia

Made to be Made Again

Aryenda Atma

Bintaro Design District (BDD 2020)

Pable didn’t want to just get hung up on fashion products, we challenged ourselves to cross other disciplinary spaces, introducing Pabtex and other renewable materials in the future to have opportunities in the architectural, product and interior realms. Bintaro Design […]

Good Design Award

In an event titled Good Design Award 2022 organized by the Ministry of Trade, Pable won the Best Design Award 2022 category and participated in the G Mark event held in Japan. Through renewable fabrics, Pabtex, is recognized by the […]

Sejauh Mata Memandang

At Indonesia’s biggest fashion event, Jakarta Fashion Week 2021 which was held on November 26-29, 2021, As Far as the Eye Can See was selected as Dewi Fashion Knights (DFK) for the second time. Together with Pable, So far managed […]

Mangmoel x Pable

Mangmoel, a knitting artist who managed to bring the natural beauty of the Indonesian sea in the real world through his skillful hands. Each strand of knitted yarn has the meaning of an idealistic and imaginary journey, which has an […]